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Web hosting services

Our aim with our hosting packages is to make life simple for YOU, our client. It's why we don't offer you the option to 'buy online' because that means you'll potentially buy something that really doesn't fit.

What we will do is make some suggestions...

What we offer

Our hosting is sourced from a UK-based data centre with excellent connectivity and minimal downtime. We're aware that the latter is key and we estimate our 'up time' to be around 99.7% over the past 3 years.

You can select from:

  • Dedicated servers
  • Cloud-based options
  • Shared server hosting (our most popular option)
  • Your own control panel to administer your services including email, hosting options, stats and more

On both shared platform and dedicated servers, choose from MS Windows or Linux-based hosting depending on your needs.

What about Wordpress?

Our hosting is Wordpress compatible, along with the majority of content management systems inlcuding Drupal and Joomla together with the majority of shopping cart applications.

Additional options/services

  • Website Builder - build your own website quickly and easily
  • eShop Builder - choose from suggested packages to get your online ship up and running quickly
  • Online backups - keep your website data (and offline data) safely and securely at our UK data centre