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Web design services

We work with clients to design and implement websites to suit your requirements.

What we offer

We work with clients to design a website that works for them.

That means listening, and understanding, a client's requirements and working up a full brief that covers all known eventualities.

We've worked with some clients in the past who have contracted for 'web design' to be left with a series of non-functioning web pages (more like graphical representations) that their 'designer' has created and left them to implement. We're much more about function delivering working websites as a turn-key solution.

How we work

Whether a fully bespoke site, or a Wordpress implementation, we'll work from a series of templates to provide a fully functioning, responsive, website that suits your business requirements.

We do favour starting off with a template and then focusing on adapting that to your requirements as it saves you, the client, both time and money. We have access to around 100 templates at any time with something that works for most businesses before we even customise to suit.

Charging - what it's going to cost you

We're very open about fees. We tend to work on a day rate, though for small tweaks and updates we'll offer an hourly rate.

Our prices start from:

  • Hourly rate (by arrangement): £35+VAT
  • Day rate: £195+VAT

For VAT purposes, all billing will be via motorracinghospitality.com Ltd, whose VAT number is GB 913 1797 23